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     Part of the deal for having a pet shop is to accept responsibility when it eventually gets dirty, which it will, with so many different animals around. As the company was expanding and taking on more responsibility, there was nothing I could do, on my own, to ensure the level of cleanliness necessary, which is why, after some research, I hired YiewsleyCarpetCleaners. They come and clean up all sorts of messes for me, be they animal or customer based, and the offer me an excellent price too. I have never had a cleaner so efficient, there are not enough positives to say about this company, amazing!
Carl Piller04/09/2014
     There's not been a better company I've found for shifting stains than YiewsleyCarpetCleaners. I had a series of tough and difficult marks which I could not shift after the children were left unsupervised for a while in the kitchen. Rather than just settling for having a permanently scarred home, I decided to call up a company who I heard were very good. It turned out that all the rumours were true and before you knew it, my home was back to its good old self. And they managed this at the same time as making sure that the costs were really low.
Rachel Carter19/03/2014

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